Pinning pain to kindness

Pinning pain to kindness

Hey everyone!

Today i’ll try to give a little advice on how to deal with pain. Not the physical kind (i’d suggest pain medication) but the emotional kind. No matter how old we are, I am certain that we feel this kind (emotional) of pain often and the truth is, we have no control over it. What we can do is try and manage how we deal with this pain.

In the past i often got really upset and in the moment would say and do things i do not mean. Most times this would be promises we make to ourselves, such as “i will never help you again” or “i will never take anything from you again” and my favorite “i will never forgive you”. i am certain that those of you reading this could relate.

in the heat of the moment i noticed this in myself, since it became a regular thing and somehow i just knew, it was a empty threat and promise i was once again making. So, instead of wasting my time on these bad thoughts i try to keep busy. Whether it is reading or just packing right my cupboard. it works, trust me. However, this can only work if you are aware of your emotions.

to touch on the topic of putting pain to kindness i would suggest we learn from our pain. When i speak of emotional pain i speak of someone doing or saying something to hurt us, intentionally or by mistake. it is extremely important for us to trust that we can handle it. not to sound philisophical but nothing Allah (God) puts in our way is too much for us to handle. As crazy as it sounds, we have caused someone, somewhere pain in our lifetime. the only way we can prevent this pain, is by making sure it doesnt come from us. I cannot stress enough the fact of how you treat others is your karma. if we can trust in this, completely, i believe we have one less chip off our shoulder and alot less pain to bear.

The water crisis in South Africa 


Hello Again everyone!

Today I would like to touch on, for those of you who are not aware, the water crisis in South Africa, more so in the Cape Town. The mayor of Western Cape wants to declare the city of Cape Town a disaster area.

Now before I get to that I just want everyone to be clear on this fact.  The water crisis has been around for a while. I’m sure everyone of us know about Ethiopia. It’s funny how when someone refers to Ethiopia we sometimes laugh about it. When in fact if it’s an issue in one country it could just as easily become a problem of the next country!

Unfortunately no one thinks that way, not even our government. Now I feel that I could excuse such ignorance however I cannot excuse this. Last year, South Africa had a problem with the water, The government warned people to use less water because the damns are getting empty, or emptier than before. Nothing was done about it then. So when water restrictions are put on today I can’t help but think that the last hope I had for our government fled out the window.

If anyone knows or does not know about South African politics,  you should know that in recent years it has become a circus,  literally.

The water restrictions put up is good and well and most certainly needed but could we take a moment to recognize the lack of planning and knowledge of government departments.  Why should we wait till the water is far from drinkable?

With that I’d like if everyone of you reading started using water wisely and consciously!  Not only for your benefit but future generations. Keep south Africa and all countries facing this crisis on your prayers, thank you ☺

What are your thoughts on the issue? I’d love to hear from you guys, comment below your views and ideas on this issue
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Is there a difference between a fact and the truth? 

Is there a difference between a fact and the truth? 

Hello again everyone! 

Today I’ve given some thought on whether or not there is a difference between a fact and the truth. In my opinion there is a simple difference.

The difference is simple,  it depends on the context or the situation we are in. One of the popular trends among youth I have noticed was to state things that may be irrelevant to be “cool”. Okay, what does that have to do with the process of eggs you might ask. 

The difference I believe comes from this trend. We have all seen it unfolding intfront of us from the same person every single time. When someone points out that “your hair is so coarse” it is a fact and not the truth. The truth is something we would speak of if for example someone needs to mark which hair type she has for a modeling agency. In this context it is necessary because different looking models will feature in different ads according to the purpose of the ad.

However, when someone points this out while speaking to their friend or an acquaintance randomly it is rude. For more obvious reasons no one person does not know the type of hair they have or size and shape of their physical features. When these things are pointed out it is rude and not cool.

Facts should be given when we are filling out various forms or writing exam papers and essays etc. 

So if you read this and have made this mistake once or twice or even worse, more times. I think you should reconsider what you find funny or cool. Besides, no one likes a joker who only puts people down for their own pleasure 


50 shades darker movie review

Hello lovely readers!

I’m back with a little review for all you 50 shades book lovers! As you all know, the first movie was a bit of a let down, especially since the book was brilliant!  If you guys are anything like me you would expect the worst of the second movie. 

However last night I watched the pre screening and it was nothing at all I expected! Since the last movie I have gotten used to them as the roles for Anna and Christian. for the most part their chemistry was so much better and Christian Grey became hotter. Yes ladies, I think you will all be happy to know he worked out alot since the first movie! 

Anastasia was great and I expected nothing less since the last film she was great too. Christian seems the same but I think we will have to note he is not used to “vanilla” so he’s acting should be related to that.

Without giving any specifics away, I can tell you it made me laugh quite a bit and at the same time scared me! If you read the book I’m sure you all know which part will frighten you.

50 shades darker is a must watch! Book your valentines day tickets before it’s too late ☺ 


Durban&Johannesburg South Africa

Hello Everyone

i  have not posted in a while but i am finally back with a mini travel blog post. Last month i set off to Johannesburg and Durban South Africa with a really nice group of people. it was absolutely amazing. of course, nothing only has pro’s. So i will be as honest as possible.

firstly, we flew over to Durban, keeping in mind it was my first time ever on a plane. i found it easy (not forgetting the short panic attacks i had) but i am assuming that’s because it was a domestic flight. if you are coming from Cape Town you are bound to notice just how well structured and equipped their Airport is compared to Durban. Of course i cannot forget to mention the humid weather that everyone told me about and the few of you who have heard of Durban before.

from Durban to Johannesburg we drove  through a thunderstorm (i write those words with utmost horror because i nearly wet my pants for the entire hour). Everyone knew about Durban’s humid breathy feeling weather bur no one warned me about Joburgs thunderstorms. Apparently these occur throughout the year as the norm!

we arrived in Jo burg safe and sound and got in some rest for Sun city’s Valley of the waves the next day. The place was absolutely stunning. the weather somehow stayed clear and hot all day which was heavenly. i don’t think anyone who goes there does not have fun. i would definitely go back. Johannesburg has many charms like their developed road infrastructure that is not for show i can assure you, it is there for the hour long drives you have to go from one place to another(these places being malls, theme parks and shops). the next day we headed to Gold Reef city theme park which was just as much fun. We never got to go on many rides due to the long ques but it is a place id visit again.

Back to Durban where i enjoyed the best beach water ever! We went to Ushaka Marine world the next day where it was too cold to swim for more than 10 minutes. the place itself was quite nice. We stayed on a Nature reserve which was absolutely stunning and the house was big and comfortable, it was made for relaxing!

i’d suggest Jo-burg for a holiday if you will be staying close to the place you wish to visit.  Durban i would suggest as well if you as lucky as me to have stayed on a beautiful nature reserve!



Beneath the surface 

Most recently I learnt that a good Base is vital for our make up routines. For obvious reasons but more importantly to maintain our skin as we age! The continuous applying and removing of make up can take a toll on our skin and leaving some ashamed of going without no make up! So if this is you, make sure to get creams that goes with your skin type as to enhance its radiance and not worsen it! 

I got myself nivea face wash, toner and day cream. There is definitely fancier  brands I want to try but to keep it safe I took nivea because it is a trusted brand in my family and it is also much older so I knew it should work well! And it really is! 

I would definitely recommend this and purchase it again because it is not only affordable but it is great! I took the  ones made for normal skin types, however there are others suited to different skin types. 

I’ll be purchasing their night cream and eye serum soon too. Also, I took the anti wrinkle cream because I recently read that using anti aging products at a young age is a good idea for maintaining good skin and preventing wrinkles in future. 

So give it a try if you are looking for a good product but a affordable one!

Ps: Nivea deodorant smells natural and fresh, it also lasts extremely long.  

Proms and farewells

Proms and farewells

today was the last day of my exams thank the heavens. only thing awaiting me is a long holiday with sunshine. Although i am not fond of summer i think the evening breeze is inviting enough. i have so many things planned and i cannot wait to share it with you guys. i will definitely do a holiday post but for now i shall savor up the moments of freedom. As my academic year comes to an end (if i do not get summoned back because i failed) a milestone comes to an end for my two beautiful nieces. The two attended their prom last week and looked absolutely stunning. if this has taught me anything it would be that they grew up and so did i. Since i understand the changes that are about to happen to them is exciting and overwhelming i see how much i have grown. to have come this far might seem easy but i think it is a blessing for both of them. as well as a blessing in my life that shows me how far i have come 🙂


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