10 YEAR CHALLENGE: A movie review

Hi everyone! Today i thought i would do a little throwback post since the #10yearchallenge has flooded social media. Here are 5 of my favorite movies of 2008/9 HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3 Takes the number one cake for this list. High school Musical was my childhood and some might say its apart of my adulthood. I … Continue reading 10 YEAR CHALLENGE: A movie review


The aging bus ride

Hi Folks! On my way home from work yesterday a wave of nostalgia hit me. I attended High School in Town and since then I didn't need reason to go to town that often. Not on my own anyway. Let me tell you, I enjoyed riding bus, lately its become more complicated though since passengers … Continue reading The aging bus ride

Robin Hood: A review

Hey everyone! I hope your Saturday is going really well i know mine is. Here is a quick review of the new Robin Hood movie before I get on with my Saturday. Robin Hood the classic tale all kids (before 2000) have heard or read. This movie tells the tale of Robin Hood but it … Continue reading Robin Hood: A review


Good Morning everybody! it is Friday and i am feeling oddly refreshed. Only on Fridays i can be tired but completely awake(as seen in the picture above), can anyone else relate? To non-muslim people you might not have heard of the term Barakah, some Muslims may not even have heard about it. That is okay, … Continue reading BARAKAH (ABUNDANT BLESSINGS)

Second Act: A review

We all in this together as genie's in a bottle! Hey everyone! Welcome back Again, Second Act was my Christmas movie of the year, We started this little tradition of going on movie dates on 25 December every year and it was only fitting to choose this family film. Second Act is a heart warming … Continue reading Second Act: A review