It’s the end of the semester exams again and as expected, angry students are taking a stand. Reasons are NSFAS, RAPE CULTURE and UNFAIRLY DISMISSED WORKERS. the latter I unfortunately cannot agree with.

Nsfas (National Student Financial Aid Scheme) South Africa is the turn to financial aid for most students who cannot afford university fees. In the past it was solely for the provision of those underprivileged but last year the middle class were taken into account. As some household income may be able to pay for fees if their expenses aren’t taken into account. This year nsfas increased its budget to cater for this missing middle. However, as expected, nsfas delayed in paying out many students fees which prevented them from being enrolled.

Rape Culture all over the world has not been taken seriously despite the obvious cases all around the world. In South Africa and in the university of the western cape in particular there’s been many unsolved cases. If it weren’t for an assistant I had to do earlier this year I too, would have been unaware of the four assaults that took place last year. As the University so poorly informed the students of these reports. This year, the numbers on rape reports is increasing. Management needs to keep students abreast on these reports and provide support where this is concerned. They have failed to do so.

On the unfair dismissals I cannot say much as I believe that is not part of the students business. Domestic workers have protested in the past asking for no more outsourcing alongside students. I sympathise with these workers but I have to mention that the outsourced employees are fully aware of what outsourcing is, so they cannot claim for benefits from the University knowing they are not directly employed from the University. I speak under correction as their may be a new reason for students protest action in favor of these workers. 

I find myself frustrated at the thought of not writing but I have to support the fellow students. My university continues to make promises they cannot uphold as well as the government. Many students are suffering due to the poor admin at NSFAS offices. While exams were being interrupted, security was tightened and students had to write under stress. Once again, students are not their first priority. 

I hope those reading can understand a little better as to why protesting at uwc and other universities in south africa has and will take place.


The unique blogger Award

The unique blogger Award

i have been nominated by the talented Sultana Khan of the wonderful My Poems blog. Thank you so much for nominating me! She writes her very own poems so do give her a read and a follow!

as part of the rules i have to answer three questions and nominate 15 bloggers i feel deserve the award.


1.What (or who) inspired you to get into blogging?

i started writing down my thoughts at the age of 10 and each time my sister would completely read it aloud. yes it was my diary. i started blogging because i wanted to share my experiences as a student at university as well as a young girl living in a society filled with social issues.

2. Describe your ideal three-course meal?

i am a complete foodie but i have never been one to have an ideal cooked meal. if i had to choose it would be hake, soup (i love all kinds of soup) and roasted chicken.

3. Would you consider naming any future children after fictional characters, if so which characters?

If i could i would name my kids after my favorite korean actors and actresses, Lee-Min-Ho and Park Shin Hye. i know that wont happen so probably traditional muslim names.

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Marriage for the young?

Marriage for the young?

A topic of discussion I had with my friends and family from time to time is couples getting married at a young age. My opinion on the matter? YES to young weds! This is not an opinion I have come to overnight, instead I have given it some great thought. What could be more beautiful than two young people devoting themselves to one another? Few of the more common reasons as to why people shouldn’t get married while they’re young are “how are you going to get married without money?” and “you are too young!”. If you haven’t heard this before you most probably said it. I do not completely disregard these factors I just happen to see it differently. Firstly, money for basic needs would be of importance, but most people are not simply looking at basic needs. Waiting till you get a good job in my opinion is utter nonsense. That day may never come. I say get married and struggle together. If you are serious about your partner, working together to that “better job” should not be an issue. I have seen many old couples struggling to get by and I am pretty sure they assumed things would be great when they are older. Secondly, being too young to get married is even weirder than the money issue in my opinion. Immaturity could be a factor but not age. Unless you are studying and do not have an income and ofcours you are a minor, then you may have to wait. The notion of being too young to get married is often associated with “you haven’t even lived”, meaning you haven’t had fun and dated many people. People are having kids left, right and centre but still “you are too young to get married”. Instead of encouraging the youth to party till they pass out or pass up on different partners how about encouraging more serious factors. Why can’t young couples have fun when they are married? Or experience things together for the first time when they are married? There is something seriously wrong with our society for painting marriage a jail cell. To those couples who have this same view, I say they are immature and not too young.

Hope you enjoyed this post, do you agree or disagree?



The Storm has finally sibsided here in cape town so we are all really happy. However, there were few lives lost which includes a fire fighter. If you have the time say please say a silent prayer for the families of the deceased.  Many many homes were destroyed but the lives of those people are more important.There has been an enormous amount of support in response to help these people get back their losses.

i do hope the rest of my favorite season will be a good one and i hope this was the first and last storm!

So grateful that my family and friends are all safe!





Stormy Cape Town

Stormy Cape Town

There’s something about rainy days that makes me feel extremely comfortable. Comfortable with pj’s in bed sure but more so comfortable as in taking the bus to town and sitting in the library, going for coffee and anywhere to just watch the raindrops form on the window. Something about winter makes me feel extremely content and I’ll just go with “I was born in winter, so yeah it is my favorite season”. To the extent that those closest to me would say to me on a cold day “this is your weather hey”.

As much as I love winter it would be peculiar for me not to mention that I am typing this post in a nervous condition because of the current weather in Cape Town. Everyone living in Western Cape is most probably asleep or just waiting impatiently for the night and following day to end. Earlier today it was predicted that there would be a heavy storm in the Western Cape starting Tuesday evening (right now). For those of you who have been following my blog you are well aware of the water crisis in Western Cape South Africa. So of course, this storm will be the answer to our prayers and I hope that is all. Schools are closing for tomorrow which means the storm is predicted to be extremely vulgar since the closure is a sign of seriousness. Funny enough, Western Cape has been of the lucky provinces to escape extreme weather conditions over the years, my mom says, and I believe, it is because of the many religious people in our province protecting us from harm. Let’s hope this night and tomorrow is no different! I hope those living on the streets find shelter as well as everyone at home are kept safe from this storm and the winter ahead of us.

Good night.

Zareen J



Ramadan diary

Ramadan diary

The most beautiful time of the year has come for us Muslims all over the world, Ramadan. Already on day 4 and I can’t exactly say what I have done productively, mainly because there is nothing productive. My day in a nutshell in Ramadan consists of praying, cleaning (seldom), watching series all day, waiting for iftar time (supper) and finally eating! Officially back to Korean series and I have already binged watched the liar and his lover! I loved it, much to learn, mainly that Korean actors and actresses are beautiful. Their clothes, make up, bodies, everything. I understand why one of the main critiques on Korean drama is that it’s not realistic. Who cares? It’s as close to perfect as I need to get. More importantly, I get to spend lots of time with my family despite the possibility of turning me into a serial killer! Nothing calls for self-reflection quite like family testing your sabr!



This has to be the first time ever i post twice in 2 days! Let’s hope i keep it up! the main reason why i am posting this immediately after my previous post is because it has a little to with the same topic, respect.

Chivalry is far from dead. However, many women who respect themselves are.

Of course this is just my opinion (that I happen to believe correct). Various examples of chivalry we see in movies, mostly outdated movies but movies nonetheless. Why is this? Many women flow with the idea that men are just not nice enough. I am of the many women and men out there who believes self-respect is the key to attracting chivalry.

Just like women, men have a good idea of what girl they would like for themselves. No girl in her right mind wants a guy who smells bad, just like no man wants a lady who has a foul mouth. The truth is, a women who can have a good conversation without talking utter rubbish in a pleasant manner is sure to walk through a door without opening it. I know what you’re thinking, but men can speak rudely and dadadadada…  Let’s get over this shall we, it is a double standard, the respect you show yourself is the respect you will receive. Plain and simple. I say this not only because my boyfriend has been chivalrous since day one, but because I showed him chivalry in return. Plain old good manners. Far from perfect, but it most certainly is a start.  It works as a magnet for chivalry, especially if that’s what you are looking for in a guy.

So how does one know if they have self-respect? It starts with knowing their standards. Once you know what you like and dislike, you pretty much have it covered. Bear in mind self-respect does not mean you are rude to people who do not act according to your liking. It simply means not laughing when someone speaks to you in a manner that you do not approve of or speaks to you about something you are not comfortable with. As soon as you give them the okay, they lose their respect for you. You can evaluate this by thinking about how your friends have treated you over the years, has it been good? Were their times they did stuff that made you upset and uncomfortable? Maybe it’s not their fault. Most times it is what we put out into the world that gives people the wrong interpretations of ourselves. What have you been putting out into the world?

Having teenage niece’s means having teenage niece’s guy friends over all the time! It is imperative that our kids, girls and boys, know exactly what their worth is. Of course with a family full of women they are reprimanded daily about what is appropriate and what is not, I think them off to a good start. Just as I was. Ofcourse it is a constant work in progress! Know your worth, we are all worth better.

i hope you guys enjoyed this post