In my very first post i mentioned my love for Korean dramas. it started last year when the #feesmustfall campaign began and university was chaotic. i spent lots of time at home and had so much to do, by this i mean so much series to watch.

As a teenager living in a westernized era, watching Korean dramas was particularly interesting. firstly, the amount of respect that children are expected to show their parents is really something i fell in love with. Well, if you are surprised by this then you h ave been locked up in a box are just have not been watching much television. i do have the greatest respect for my parents and i often wondered how children could speak without filter to their parents. it is one thing to be friends with them but another to be rude. Especially when we are angry at our parents we find it okay to ignore them or just say whatever brutal words come to mind. which is sad really. however in Korean dramas, i would be lying if i said i did not laugh, parents often slap their kids for being disrespectful, in ways we might even see is okay. no amount of disrespect goes without a lovely slap to the face or head or arm etc. Older siblings were aloud to discipline younger brothers and sisters who disrespected them. if this applied to me id be blue in the face.

Another reason why it is a must watch is because relationships that are formed are analyzed by parents quite thoroughly, which to me is shocking. Compared to the norm of moving from one guy to the next, seeing a romance take forever to form is something to look forward to. Although i do not agree with how much money means to the people in these dramas it is quite funny. i remember one particularly funny is “she was pretty”. i laughed until my tummy hurt and my eyes were teary.


i have not watched all so i cannot say this applies to all k dramas, but those ive watched. My all time favorite is The  Heirs. it was released in 2013 but i believe anyone who watches it will love it. a bit of action, comedy, drama and lots of romance. Since i started with a great one i never stopped. 

The Heirs.

Zareen x0x0


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