The first day of Ramadan has officially ended. I cannot believe it is Ramadan let alone the end of the first day. The year 2016 is really flying by. In fact, the last couple of years has gone by quite fast. Which makes me think about death more often, the older I get. More specifically, I think about death more in the month of Ramadan. Maybe it’s because every year my mom says the same words to my siblings and I “you better switch off that television or else the dead will turn around at our door”. It’s not as creepy as it sounds if you know my mom. Well if you know any Muslim lady.

In many ways I am grateful mostly because I often go so far off track that I forget my life is definitely coming to an end one day. It may be an hour from now or year from now but it will happen. With that thought in mind I can feel myself growing more each year. Intellectually. I do hope to change the way it happens. Instead of only growing when I think of dying or someone I love dying, I should change in my daily life. The most pressing issue I have is procrastination. As it is a controversial issue people have made light on the problem which I hope not to do. As this plays a huge role in the rest of my life.
Another issue that comes up during Ramadan is weight loss. I do not have a problem with my weight as much as I do on my bad eating habits. Another part of my life that I learnt is of utmost importance. Mainly because people die of all sorts of reasons due to bad eating habits.

So my goal for this month is to take the time to better my health as well as my inner being which is definitely more important. I can only hope that my closest family and friends takes this seriously too.

Ramadan Kareem to all, may we have a month filled nothing but love and sabr.


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