This morning I had an unwanted visitor who I had always feared. A stye. naturally I freaked out and thought about how long it would last and how I am eventually going to get rid of it. Fortunately I came to my senses and started doing some research, a bad habit some would call it. Mr. Google! I’m sure we have all heard how Google doesn’t have all the answers, especially when it comes to medical issues. I must admit I gambled this one and thankfully so.


my friend

I stumbled upon a girl who had the same problem and used a mixture of ingredients. The main ingredient being tumeric and it is also the only one I have. I decided to try it out anyway. I mixed the tumeric with a little water to form a paste as I had read and put the paste on the stye carefully.


The post I read said that about 20 minutes is sufficient but I waited about an hour just in case. Since I did not have the other ingredients I thought I’d keep it on longer. An hour is nothing compared to a few weeks, as I’m sure some of you had it for that long.

After an hour I rinsed the paste and to my surprise the swelling went down. A few minutes later any sign of the stye had completely disappeard.


I just thought I had to share this crucial information since I never had a stye before today.  Hopefully this ends all the mystery a stye brings and the long wait of it disappearing. It is also imperative that the paste should be used as soon as the stye appears. Make sure to apply it in such a way that it does not enter the eye.

Happy treatment!!!


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