The age of “back then things were different”

Often when I was younger my mom would tell me to come inside early and like any child I sadly walked into my house. I would watch through the window as my friends played their last few minutes outside.

Few more weeks till I am no longer a teenager and it scares me a little. The world is evolving so fast and at this age I now get to tell my nieces “when I was your age” stories. It is crazy to see how the younger generation receive more freedom as time goes by.

One of the obvious changes are changes in clothing. I can count on my one hand how many times I got to wear what I wanted. Somehow anyone can tell my age on my childhood pictures! But not this generation on kid Beyonces.

I’m not against make up and I believe every girl should be doing what they want to make themselves feel pretty. However, at an age where they have a sense of responsibility.

Knowing I am part of the high school musical generation makes me feel like I have the wisdom of our grandparents. Where many stories of we didn’t have that back then is still alive in me.

It also frightens me that today’s children are being brought up in a social media ruling society. Yes, classes plays a huge role in the amount of impact it has on children but eventually everything expensive becomes affordable. Unless somehow all technology fails, not even I can deny the importance of social media in my life. Enough to know the pros and cons.

I guess I should be thanking my mom for being born at the time I was. There is a great joy in knowing that I can survive without today’s seemingly “essentials” if it should ever come to that. I fear that future generations won’t have many “when I was your age” stories.

At this seemingly young age I can comprehend the saying of when I was your age things were different. I just hope my kids still have the luxury of “playing” outside.


2 thoughts on “The age of “back then things were different”

  1. This really hits you bc it kind of smacks reality in your face. Like BAM! You’re old enough to give those “when I was your age” stories.

    Hey, thanks for spamming me! Really appreciate stalkers:) they’re my fav kind of followers haha

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