Me before you by Jojo Moyes

Two years ago I read me before you and fell inlove with Will and Louisa’s relationship. I don’t want to spoil anything for those of you who are still reading this so I’ll try not to mention too much. I read some reviews and one of the things I disagree on is the ending.  Many didn’t enjoy it and I must admit I was heartbroken but that is most probably what makes the story believable. As we are well aware that the greatest love stories have had tragic endings, I believe this is what Jojo does. A great love story where no selfish decisions are made. If you are hoping for cliché then this won’t be for you. I finally watched the movie and it was worth the wait. The acting was surprisingly good and on my part it may be a biased opinion since I love Emilia Clarke as Kaleesi in Game of thrones. I felt every bit drawn to the movie as I did the book.  I hope those of you who watch the movie feels the same, if not let me know your thoughts on the movie as well as the book!

Happy reading and watching





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