Recognition: Liebster Award

Hello everyone! I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by the amazing blonde ghetto. Please give her follow ☺.  I saw this award and knew hoped to be nominated even though I only recently got the hang of this blog gig! It feels good to be recognised. I mean everyone wants someone to notice their writing even if it’s pointless ranting.

1. What inspired you to initially start blogging? I started blogging to speak about whatever I wanted without worrying about what the next person might think. Such as other social media platforms and even sometimes those closest to me. I needed to write about things without different opinions now and then.

2. How do you generate ideas for new blog posts? Whatever comes to mind that I think people may be interested in or think about but won’t necessarily speak about.

3. What are your future goals regarding blogging? My future goals would be to become dedicated as in post on set dates but with that in mind eventually having a audience that follows up regularly. 
4. Do you think wordpress is an effective platform for bloggers and why? Definitely. WordPress is used by so many people across the world which means we get to interact and improve on our writing on a frequent basis. I also noticed how many businesses use wordpress which means that it is a great platform for publicity and recognition. 

5. What do you think Makes your blog unique?  the same thing that makes every blog unique. The fact that every blogger is unique because no two people are the same. Every blog has something new to offer. I hope mine is seen that way. 

I nominate:

1. sofie

2.cami nim

rene bardot

4. turnipthebliss

5. nanan’s blog

6. y be regular


1. What motivates you to write on your blog? 

2. What do you consider to be an achievement on your blog? 

3. Does your blog have support from family and friends? 

4. What are your future goals? With your blog and your career?

5. What do you consider to be your best quality as a person?

To accept this nomination you must follow these rules (see link below). 

liebster award rules

Have fun and goodluck!


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