Beneath the surface 

Most recently I learnt that a good Base is vital for our make up routines. For obvious reasons but more importantly to maintain our skin as we age! The continuous applying and removing of make up can take a toll on our skin and leaving some ashamed of going without no make up! So if this is you, make sure to get creams that goes with your skin type as to enhance its radiance and not worsen it! 

I got myself nivea face wash, toner and day cream. There is definitely fancier  brands I want to try but to keep it safe I took nivea because it is a trusted brand in my family and it is also much older so I knew it should work well! And it really is! 

I would definitely recommend this and purchase it again because it is not only affordable but it is great! I took the  ones made for normal skin types, however there are others suited to different skin types. 

I’ll be purchasing their night cream and eye serum soon too. Also, I took the anti wrinkle cream because I recently read that using anti aging products at a young age is a good idea for maintaining good skin and preventing wrinkles in future. 

So give it a try if you are looking for a good product but a affordable one!

Ps: Nivea deodorant smells natural and fresh, it also lasts extremely long.  


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