Durban&Johannesburg South Africa

Hello Everyone

i  have not posted in a while but i am finally back with a mini travel blog post. Last month i set off to Johannesburg and Durban South Africa with a really nice group of people. it was absolutely amazing. of course, nothing only has pro’s. So i will be as honest as possible.

firstly, we flew over to Durban, keeping in mind it was my first time ever on a plane. i found it easy (not forgetting the short panic attacks i had) but i am assuming that’s because it was a domestic flight. if you are coming from Cape Town you are bound to notice just how well structured and equipped their Airport is compared to Durban. Of course i cannot forget to mention the humid weather that everyone told me about and the few of you who have heard of Durban before.

from Durban to Johannesburg we drove  through a thunderstorm (i write those words with utmost horror because i nearly wet my pants for the entire hour). Everyone knew about Durban’s humid breathy feeling weather bur no one warned me about Joburgs thunderstorms. Apparently these occur throughout the year as the norm!

we arrived in Jo burg safe and sound and got in some rest for Sun city’s Valley of the waves the next day. The place was absolutely stunning. the weather somehow stayed clear and hot all day which was heavenly. i don’t think anyone who goes there does not have fun. i would definitely go back. Johannesburg has many charms like their developed road infrastructure that is not for show i can assure you, it is there for the hour long drives you have to go from one place to another(these places being malls, theme parks and shops). the next day we headed to Gold Reef city theme park which was just as much fun. We never got to go on many rides due to the long ques but it is a place id visit again.

Back to Durban where i enjoyed the best beach water ever! We went to Ushaka Marine world the next day where it was too cold to swim for more than 10 minutes. the place itself was quite nice. We stayed on a Nature reserve which was absolutely stunning and the house was big and comfortable, it was made for relaxing!

i’d suggest Jo-burg for a holiday if you will be staying close to the place you wish to visit.  Durban i would suggest as well if you as lucky as me to have stayed on a beautiful nature reserve!




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