50 shades darker movie review

Hello lovely readers!

I’m back with a little review for all you 50 shades book lovers! As you all know, the first movie was a bit of a let down, especially since the book was brilliant!  If you guys are anything like me you would expect the worst of the second movie. 

However last night I watched the pre screening and it was nothing at all I expected! Since the last movie I have gotten used to them as the roles for Anna and Christian. for the most part their chemistry was so much better and Christian Grey became hotter. Yes ladies, I think you will all be happy to know he worked out alot since the first movie! 

Anastasia was great and I expected nothing less since the last film she was great too. Christian seems the same but I think we will have to note he is not used to “vanilla” so he’s acting should be related to that.

Without giving any specifics away, I can tell you it made me laugh quite a bit and at the same time scared me! If you read the book I’m sure you all know which part will frighten you.

50 shades darker is a must watch! Book your valentines day tickets before it’s too late ☺ 



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