Life update and drought

Hi everyone, hope you all good and well!

As exams dawns upon me i am freaking out a little . Naturally I dont enjoy studying. Especially since ill be writing my final exam for stats. I dont have a single math bone in my body so wish me well, if all goes well ill never have to face math again.

Secondly my laptop broke right after downloading my Korean drama fix! Hopefully it can be fixed, I’ll be collecting it from repairs later so all prayers are welcome! On a good note though I just received a camera as a gift from my boyfriend so those YouTube videos should be coming soon! Even more reason why i need a hail mary for my laptop.

Ive also decided that this summer shall be one for the books. I will embrace all sweat and disgusting sand all over my body at the beach (I’ll be making lots and lots of videos) stay tuned.

Lastly, the drought in Cape Town has worsened since i last posted about it. The weather forecasted rain next week so i hope and pray for enough to relieve us from the drought! Dont forget the Western Cape in your prayers.

Zareen Benjamin



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