settling for less?

Hi everyone! Hope you are all well.

The thought of pushing through and settling has been in my head for quite some time and at this age is so confusing! I have so much I want to do on one end but on the other I just want to relax and have a peaceful life ahead. The more I think about it, the easy end would be to relax, it’s my comfort zone. Since I was very young I’ve been housebound. I fear if I continue down that road I will explode one day in my fifties (hopefully not) You know? Date a guy half my age etc.

So I’m only left with one realistic end to follow. Do what I want and do it now. I don’t know how well I’m explaining things but I hope it all makes sense. In essence I don’t want to be a practical thinker. Practical in the sense of what’s easy. I say this often, i don’t want to come home from work one day and not go watch a movie on a Tuesday evening. Well not just because Tuesday is a ridiculous day to watch a movie. Ofcours I don’t want to party like a rockstar I just want to live! But I’ve been so lazy and comfortable I don’t know where to start. Feel free to pop a suggestion below if you have any.

There’s too many books I haven’t read in my free time and too much trips I ditched in these past few years I can see a pattern forming. Don’t get me wrong, I also learnt not doing things you don’t feel for is a very good thing! In fact I insist on it. Life’s too short to do things that will waste your time and too short to not do everything you want!

I’m kind of all over the place at the moment with my thoughts but that’s probably normal as it’s my last year on university. Some of my friends have already graduated and are looking for jobs. This definitely doesn’t help with the crazy nerves of what the hell I’ll be facing next year. What am I going to do once I graduate? Or what should I do to enjoy what’s left of the best days of my life?

So my advice to anyone in the same position would be to sit back and think as I am about what it is I truly want to do. As confusing as it seems I believe in our hearts we know exactly what it is we wish to become and it scares us. Just have a little faith, things will go the way they are supposed to so we might as well accept the things we are afraid of.




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