Wattpad diaries

Hey guy, just a little obsession post of what i have been doing in between procrastination and assignments.

I am officially a werewolf binge reader on Wattpad! Going to campus like a zombie most mornings because my brain cant seem to sleep well without getting to the very end of the book! What in the world is Wattpad you ask? well Wattpad is a application with many many books that are written by anyone who is interested in writing. Just like any amateur, Wattpad authors are still learning how to properly write books and short stories, most of the plots are really good so if you are not a critic you can look past the silly mistakes. However, Wattpad is also a gold mine full of stories that are incredibly written just waiting for anyone to read for free. You can browse the genre you enjoy and you will find books on everything that you enjoy.

I have found some really cool books that i cant believe has not been published. Right now i am reading werewolf stories as it turns out i can relate to how aggressive yet incredibly romantic these wolves are! Basically werewolf books are usually about the Alpha who finds his mate. Before the happily ever after there is heartbreak, fighting and plotting which has to be overcome. The part that gets me the most is that mates are meant to be and there is no other who can make you feel like them. Who doesnt love a little fate?  If a werewolf cannot control his or her temper in human form they shift into their wolves. From time to time i feel like i am destined to shift (lol). I can only feel my boyfriends judging eyes screaming “nooooo” the way he does for his friends who are into anime. I would suggest you all go read a short story if you into reading fiction, when you have time. I know how difficult it is for me to get into something i have no interest in but trust me, you have yet to learn new things about yourself. If it really is not your thing then you could always write a short story about all those fantasies you had that may never come true. who know, you might be a hit!



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