Ramadan Diaries: 1 week down.

Hey everyone! Are you good? I hope so, because I am. Can you believe it’s already a week since Ramadan started? Well I can’t. As a kid Ramadan felt like it took forever to pass! These days it’s flying by faster.

Usually exams are a drag but this time around it’s flying by as well. I wrote on Monday and then pulled an all nighter for my Tuesday paper and I hope you all wished me luck when I asked because I needed it.

I had iftaar with my boyfriends family yesterday and it was lovely as usual. Non stop banter! After my papers it was a nice break. All in all when I got home I was drained. I went straight to bed and got up for suhoor(breakfast) and fajr and slept till 1 thereafter. So all day I’ve been a zombie. I gave myself a well deserved break from studying and started watching 13 reasons why season 2. To my surprise I’m enjoying it so much it’s a must watch.

While on the topic of 13 reason why, am I the only one who think people are being dramatic calling it a trigger series for those suffering from depression and are suicidal. Ofcourse it’s an extremely serious illness and nothing to be ashamed of. However, there are much worse movies out there and bullying has been in almost all teenage movies and much worse cases. I don’t know, if you have thoughts on this issue comment below, it’s just my opinion.

I hope you are all having a lovely week so far and if not, well tomorrow is Friday junior so don’t fret too much!




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