Ramadan Diaries: Week 2 down.

Hey everyone! Today is officially the 16th of Ramadan and it just so happens to be the middle of my exams. The 15th of Ramadan was last night which is also known as “boeber” night. because it’s tradition to eat boeber on the 15th.

My boyfriend (I) invited me to have supper at his house last night. The conversation of the night was about the missing kids and abused kids in South Africa. Anyone not from South Africa should do a bit of research on the crime here(before coming). Earlier this week a voice note of a little girls family was going around stating that the girl woke up in a dark room and the people who kidnapped her didn’t know she had a phone on her. I’m not sure what’s happening now but I can only hope her phone was tracked and she’s home safe. Not going to allow my missing faith in the police to let me dwell on the negatives. The girl also let her family know two more girls were put in the room with her which I hope is anything but trafficking. There is also so many rape cases of adults raping babies, as young as 9 months old. I don’t think anyone has a good bad word to describe this.

Whenever my mom hears lots of bad news she says “the signs are here” and yes it sounds scary when she says it. But, are these the signs? Although it is bad here it is much worse in other countries. Not sure what we can do individually but we can definitely all spare a thought along with a silent prayer for those suffering all around the world.❤️

Last week I was listening to one of Mufti Menks lectures and he touched on the topic of parents who can’t have kids. He said that if someone can’t conceive and they really want to, it might be the almighty saving him/her the heartache of what comes with having children. I could see how it would be a blessing, very sad, but it’s a possibility right?

I should get studying, wish me luck? Jummuah Mubarak and happy Friday everyone! Oh and Happy June 1st!

Love, Zareen


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