Farewell Ramadan

Good Morning lovelies

If you aren’t aware of this yet, the moon has been sighted in South Africa and therefore today will be Eid ul fitr. My house will be chaotic in a few minutes time so this has to be a quick post.

This month of Ramadan has been the best by far! I have been more aware of my actions, words and of my Religion. At the start of the month I wasn’t doing much better but somehow, somewhere I woke up. I have read the Quran more times than at any other time in my life and I only hope that all my prayers have been answered insha’allah. Just this morning I overslept which I haven’t done in this month and my mom was saying how it’s the most important. It is said that as soon as Ramadan ends it becomes a challenge as everything learnt in Ramadan is either put to practice or forgotten. In my case as well as everyone else’s I hope that it continues and we don’t get too busy with worldly things that we completely forget our efforts in Ramadan. This morning I am especially emotional because all my deceased family members will be leaving us. On a brighter note, I cant wait to show you guys the outfits of my nieces and nephew (and my own). i am being summoned to domestic duties.

May you have a blessed Friday and good weekend!


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