Friday the 13th

Hello Everyone! I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful Friday as much as i am. The weather in Cape Town is wet and cold and i wold not have it any other way.

Although today is Friday the 13th and everyone becomes superstitious about how bad it is, i just received my results. I have passed my last First Semester and i am over the moon. The amount of relief i am feeling is crazy especially since things would have been way different 6 months ago. To those of you who regularly read my blog posts you know that i had a huge incident with the university at the end of last year that meant i had to study another 6 months. A little after i posted that blog my friend and i decided to give it one last shot before we completely give up and accept our fate! Can you guess what happened?

It turns out we did not need to beg and plead with the employees of our university, instead it took only one heaven sent angel. The day my friend went in she phoned me on her way home and said to me “Zareen, i think i am good, they helped me. you should go in tomorrow and see”. Going in the next day i already made peace with the horrible fact that i would need to study longer.  When i arrived at the university I experienced the divine intervention. I went into a room full of students waiting to be helped by the university and sat down. The guy i sat next to was nice enough to offer me his seat which i politely declined. When it was my turn to go in and be helped my friend had already told me who i needed to speak to. However, the guy in front of me was getting that lady and i was not so i got up and apologized to him and went in before. I should have just sat before him i thought. inside i explained that i needed to add modules for this year and awaited her to stop me. All the while my phone was ringing non stop, i declined of course. I felt myself shivering waiting for her to send me out but it never came. everything went smooth sailing and i could not help but ask her incredulously if i was done to which she just smiled and said yes.

I rushed out in case it was a mistake and got my friend waiting for me with a worried expression and i asked her what was wrong. Before she could answer my excitement washed over me and i told her i got in and it worked. She turned to me and said “The guy that came out before you was sent away because add and delete for this semester has closed today!”. Awestruck. Somehow and some way i was helped despite that fact, which goes beyond what i needed.  I so badly wanted to post this when it happened but i felt like it was still surreal. Now that i completed the modules i had to be doing next year, i am over the moon!

This brings about two conclusions. 1) Do not give up but at the same time accept that whatever happens is meant to happen. 2) Employees in power are reluctant to admit when they are wrong, remember it is not all of them. i still refer to that one women as my guardian angel much to my friends amusement.

In other news, this week i have lost at least 3 kg. So my weight loss plans for my birthday is looking more and more appealing. I Hope you are all having a good Friday and have an amazing weekend ahead!

Zareen X


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