Celebration Station

Third week back at uni and sadly i have not missed it one bit. Maybe it’s the fact that i know i am leaving soon or maybe it is because the past two weeks have been filled with birthday and engagement celebrations. Yes, engagement. to those of you who do not follow any of my social media, i am officially engaged or as my “tietie” would say i am “lay-byed”. I got engaged a day before my birthday and it was more than i could have asked for. My family and his family were in on it so when he popped the question the last thing i expected was a surprise lunch with our families. it was beyond perfect.The excitement was way too good for campus life so getting back in tune with my studies has proven to be difficult.

Mind you applying for internships and jobs are not better either. i get discouraged when i read the itsy bitsy detail of experience needed.  Internship definition: 
the position of a student or trainee who works in an organization, sometimes without pay, in order to gain work experience or satisfy requirements for a qualification.

so what is this nonsense, right?

Being on holiday for about two months doesn’t help either because i have been warming up to the idea of being a house wife! (kidding, kinda). I can understand the frustration from all the graduates and students knowing they have studied for years and still not being guaranteed a job. In South Africa the unemployment rate includes almost all the youth! Despite the facts i have to believe that if it is meant for me or you it will be. i know i rant a lot but i firmly believe in the law of attraction. i have been staying home quite a bit so my boyfriend keeps joking that i am an online student! Although i get annoyed at the statement i cant help but find it funny, it is somewhat true. I hope no one reading this decides to take a gap year or even forget studying. All i can really say is Good luck!

As life would have it my friends from high school are expecting their second baby and are over the moon. So, This past Saturday some of my friends and i had organised a surprise baby shower for her. It was wonderful seeing each of them, everyone a different story to tell about how much life has changed since high school. It reminded me of how short life really is. in the time span of 4 years, some has gotten married, engaged, become parents or just career oriented. One of the things i took from the meeting was that the little things in life really do matter most. the way my friends face lit up when they spoke of their kids, family, new friends and experiences. none one of us had mentioned how much money we had or the luxury items we owned! and yes, the wife in me started jumping up and down at what is to come!

hope you all have a lovely week and women’s month ahead!

Zareen, X





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