Life Update: Adulting

Hello everyone! i hope you are reading this in good health 🙂

The title of this post says Life update, so true to my words here’s the first update: I have been neglecting my blog. I started this blog a few years ago and i was completely invested and excited about it. Somehow and someway i lost interest or just drive as the content i wanted has not been coming to me. Although i have a feeling that i will be changing that as of now. There is always something holding me back every time i think about a new post idea and that was myself. After reading many posts on how to get traffic to my feed, i understand now that having the traffic wont mean a thing if i only post things people want to hear. By scrolling through all my posts i see how far i have come and this blog was not a complete waist of my time. I enjoy writing much much more than i want to admit because i know it will mean things need to change and i need embrace it or i will lose myself.

Second update: I finished my exams two weeks ago. This post was meant to be done separate but i am sure i can manage a few words to explain how it makes me feel. I am waiting for my results that will be released on the 22nd of December and i do not feel one bit nervous. I should though because i know it can go either way, fail or pass. Yep, i wrote my exams so i know best. I just feel relieved, i am done. To those who have been following my blog at all i believe you know just how much university and studying was not a Zareen thing. I did it though, God forbid i fail, but i did it and i feel proud of myself. The first thoughts that came to mind were, OMG why is there so many afraid of university? or college for that matter. if i can do it then certainly anyone can!

Third update: My Youtube channel is officially a thing of the now, please go watch, like and subscribe!

Fourth Update: I am getting married soon and i have run out of stress, officially. When it comes to occasions and especially ones that celebrate me, i do not like anyone to fuss. This remains the same for my wedding. I try to fuss as little about these things as possible so that i do not make anyone crazy. For a brief moment i fell into that, into the crazy stressed out girl. She has left, be grateful you didn’t meet her. I went from having a big wedding planned to a little celebration to finally, no wedding at all. Do i think big weddings are beautiful? of course! do i want a big beautiful wedding? not one bit. It will be beautiful and beautifully intimate. I came to this conclusion after extensive research and many back and fourths.  When my mind spirals out of control, google knows me as “In Islam, what do i do when…” . Although i am not as pious as i wish to be, i have learnt that Islam has an answer to everything and this remains forever. the result was, as soon as my fiance and i thought about what would happen after the wedding we found ourselves in a whole new battle where there are many many important things to getting married that does not include the wedding.

Final update: Life is hard. I know i will be okay.






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