A Degree in the bag! and a pastors word:)

Good morning everybody, i hope this Monday is treating you well and hopefully doesn’t require you to do last minute shopping! (unless you are like myself and enjoy the festive feel of shopping)

Last Friday, my results were due and naturally the online uni system was not working due to the large volumes of logins. I slept well, knowing that 12am results were made available and students waited up till then. While at work i finally received my results and I PASSED! I am over the moon that i get to throw away my books.My textbooks had already left my house so there is only so much left to discard. Every now and again i realize that i wont have to study again and i feel my heart swell. My colleagues kept asking me about honors and i told everyone the exact same thing. I AM DONE. id be lying if i said i was not a little surprised about my final results given my less than positive feelings about university.

So, to everyone receiving results i wish you all the best! and remember it is not the end of the world, if you fail or pass its what you do going forward. One of my mostly annoying qualities is that i can move forward from things that do not go my way, if it is done, its done and i move forward. It has saved me so much time in the past and it will help you too, i promise.

In other news, i got a visit from a pastor yesterday who spoke to me the day before while he was looking for my brother. The conversation was short lived and hardly a conversation at all. When he rocked up at my door yesterday asking to speak to me i was curious about what it could be. What he said was not something i expected to hear. The pastor said that when we first met he saw something and it was his duty to tell me. He then told me next year will be filled with opportunities for me that will not only involve my current path. He said i should be careful and choose wisely as next year will be a good year for me inshallah. Now, against my better judgement i am sharing this on my blog. What the pastor said was nice and he said some other things that made me smile. But what surprised me most is that what he said to me is something i needed to hear. Since i am done with my degree it is only expected i fulfill that career path. however, i have always had a desire to do things that does not involve my studies. I was and still am a little afraid to explore those waters. So when he came to tell me this i feel encouraged going forward with my plans for next year.

Also, while my aunt was sitting with us as he told me these things, she reminded me that whatever happens is due to Allah. Ofcourse this goes without saying, therefore i feel grateful for the pastors little visit. he calls it a gift and whether or not it is, he brought me some good news. Often times, we need that extra push from those around us to help us feel confident. We know that we are precious but hearing it from others helps us believe it abit more, a little fault on our part but hey we are only human. So my little advice for everyone or anyone reading this is to keep doing what you love. Do it to the best of your ability because you are capable and the only one who can take anything away from you is yourself and the Almighty. NO ONE ELSE.

lots of love,

Zareen 😉


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