AquaMan: A review

Hello everyone! hope your festive season is going well, if not, let me try and give you something to do or maybe no to do.

Last week i watched Aqua and between my fiance and i, we are on different ends of the straw. The movie starts with, what i call, a kick ass to an introduction to the parents of AquaMan. His mother is a queen of the sea, kingdom of Atlantis, while his father is a lighthouse keeper. Naturally they fall in love, despite red flags. As fate has it, She has to return to the sea and leave behind her lover and baby boy. When AquaMan is a preschooler we already see the difference between him and his classmates and my bully kicking heart is warmed. To be honest, id have loved some more of this scene, hopefully i can get it in the sequel.

Thereafter, my fiance fell asleep as we dove into what some may call a bit of cheesy superhero fighting. Aquaman spends his manly days fighting crime under sea and it gets interesting when Aquaman has to return to sea, where his family lives and where he needs to stop a war between humans and those of Atlantis. The movie sends a powerful message when the people of Atlantis sends years worth of pollution onto the shores of different beaches. AquaMan gets help from a red head princess of Atlantis who happens to be betrothed to his half brother. They obviously develop some romance and DeJaVu is not lost on me.

The movie was enjoyable and to figure out the ending you can go watch it yourself. If you are a Game Of Thrones lover then no review will keep you from rekindling the Khal Drago flame we miss so dearly. In conclusion, Aquaman was a little superhero and romantic cheesy but aren’t all superhero movies? yes!

That is all the spoilers i have for today folks, Enjoy!




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