Second Act: A review

We all in this together as genie’s in a bottle!

Hey everyone! Welcome back Again, Second Act was my Christmas movie of the year, We started this little tradition of going on movie dates on 25 December every year and it was only fitting to choose this family film.

Second Act is a heart warming film about middle aged women who struggle to find employment after years of experience in the workplace. Even though experience counts for so much it is still not an underlying factor when employers seek new employees. The movie kicks off with Jenifer Lopez working in a supermarket and hopes for a promotion when she meets the boss. Since she has contributed greatly to the success of the stores, she didn’t expect her lack of ‘on paper qualifications’ would stand in her way. In a world where credentials dominate the corporate world, Jenifer Lopez kicks ass as a women with just as much knowledge and experience as someone with the formal qualifications. As luck my have it, she lands a great job with the help of a white lie and her wit, at a million dollar company.

Although she starts off with a lie, the lesson and the result proves the opposite of what the world believes. Street smarts can equal book smarts. Jenifer is faced with a blast from the past that helps her deal with her present situation better. When she comes out with the truth everyone wins. A Jenifer Lopez style movie no matter how cheesy, can make you smile. Vanessa Hudgens also redeems her acting skills by playing the role of Jenifer’s long lost daughter.

Loved this movie and it might be my bias because of my love for Vanessa Hudgens and soft spot for J.Lo but everyone else seemed pretty pleased so i’m gonna go ahead and tell you to watch it!




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