Birdbox: A spoiler review

What is BirdBox and what is the hype? If you are anything like me then sometimes a “hype” can discourage us to be interested. So if you do not plan on watching it then continue reading, but if not continue to read anyway if you want to know whether the hype is just that, A hype.

Birdbox is a thriller filled with suspense. The movie follows an apocalyptic event with monsters that cannot be see but heard. if they are around and you happen to look in their direction you lose your mind and kill yourself, to put it bluntly. to survive this you should stay in doors and do not look outside. When you are outside you have to wear a blindfold to survive. This is exactly what the lead actress does (Sandra Bullock), along with her two kids. The name of the movie, BirdBox refers to an actual BirdBox that the actress carries around withย  her. Early in the movie she discovers that birds can alert them of the monsters presence. Her kids are five years old and she trains them to survive so she doesn’t give them the motherly love they need. In my opinion, for obvious reasons she calls them Boy and Girl. One of the clever reasons i heard for this is that the monsters calls you by your name and by not having names they cannot be called in that way.

Sandra follows a call for safety that requires herself and her family to follow a rocky pathway. With great difficulty and bumps they manage to reach the safe haven. Aside from the monsters their are crazy people who break free from a mental institution because they want to see the monsters. They some how survive the monsters and work alongside them by forcing other “normal” people to open their eyes. The safe Haven is actually a school for the blind. These people cannot be harmed by the monsters for obvious reasons. The school has birds caged in all around their outside premises. this is to help alert those who can see of the monsters presence so they can go to safety, inside. At the end the birds in the BirdBox is set free to fly with the birds at the haven.

The movie was enjoyable as the suspense allures you to continue watching just to see the end. However, their have been better thrillers similar to this one, such as “A quiet place”. The only difference is, they can actually kill the monsters. BirdBox is unfinished in that department and the monsters remain undefeated.

The end.





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