BumbleBee: A review

Hello everybody! Today, as you can see, i will be doing a review on the new Transformer movie, Bumblebee. The movie is set in the 80’s before the transformer series started and it looks at how they came to be on earth. Set in the 80’s is all i needed to hear before watching this movie. The movie itself follows the lead character who is going through emotional pain with the loss of her father. She meets bumblebee who was sent to earth to find shelter for the rest of the transformers and also protect those on earth. Bumble bee loses his memory during a fight when he first lands on earth. The two help each other find themselves again. The movie was worth watching and i recommend it for its lightness. A real 80’s style action packed movie filled with a little love story, cheesy lines, laughter and family which makes for a good family film.

enjoy, x.


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