Good Morning everybody! it is Friday and i am feeling oddly refreshed. Only on Fridays i can be tired but completely awake(as seen in the picture above), can anyone else relate?

To non-muslim people you might not have heard of the term Barakah, some Muslims may not even have heard about it. That is okay, i only learned about it recently, the word has been thrown around alot as i was growing up but i only understand it now. Barakah can be seen as ABUNDANT BLESSINGS and has three parts, CONSTANCY, PERMANENCE and STABILITY.

Today i wanted to discuss something with you guys, it helped me a lot and i hope it can help you too. The other day i read an article titled “Barakah Culture vs. Hustle culture”. The most important point i took from it was Barakah, what is Barakah? So, Barakah to my understanding is growth, increase, prosperity and continuity. Barakah is what we believe Allah (God) puts in our business, charity etc. One will often hear older muslim people say may Allah put Barakah in your business. This belief stems from the belief that Allah is in control of everything. Hustle culture however, is the belief that when you work hard and fast you will get results. I am in no position to say this is not true, however, the difference comes in when those hustling believe that their results come from their hard word and perseverance and do not acknowledge Allah’s(God) hand in it.

Barakah is also long term and continuous. Where as a company built on hustle and bustle and the state of the Economy, those who believe in Barakah know that, only Allah can determine the success of that company despite the state of the Economy. At the time when hustlers are up early “rising and grinding” others are making Fajr salah. The fajr prayer is the first thing we have to do in the morning, hereby acknowledging once again, Allah (God) is in control.

How do you achieve barakah in the things you do? simple. Following Islamic law and having patience. if it is business, follow good business practices.I hope this explanation was well summarized but if you feel confused then go check out the article i read at BARAKAH CULTURE VS. HUSTLE CULTURE.

Have a blessed friday and a good weekend 🙂

Zareen, X



  1. This is wonderful insight into a way of life that is ultimately more rewarding. The title of this post caught my attention since it was something I had never heard before. Thank you for sharing this nugget of wisdom.

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