Robin Hood: A review

Hey everyone! I hope your Saturday is going really well i know mine is. Here is a quick review of the new Robin Hood movie before I get on with my Saturday.

Robin Hood the classic tale all kids (before 2000) have heard or read. This movie tells the tale of Robin Hood but it holds a twist. It explores the reasons why Robin Hood, originally a Lord, became the Hood, vigilante for the poor. In this movie we see Robin Hood falling in love and going to war. In some ways it reminds me of the Legend of Zorro. However, Jaime Fox plays the role of an Arab and his role was a bit cringy. Jaime Dornan for all you fifty shades fans was also featured in this film. The ending tells me that we will potentially be seeing him in the sequel if there is one. The main character is played by Taron Egerton as the Hood, I mostly know him for his role in Kingsmen. In conclusion I would say it was okay to watch, something different. I’d give it a 3/4 rating because I love old films and classics. Therefore in my opinion, it has to be played really well as movies almost never live up to the reputation of a book so the acting in the movie has to be brilliant.

Happy watching!


p.s. I am not delusional, i happened to write this post on Saturday and never got around to posting it. Have a wonderful WEDNESDAY:)


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