The aging bus ride

Hi Folks!

On my way home from work yesterday a wave of nostalgia hit me. I attended High School in Town and since then I didn’t need reason to go to town that often. Not on my own anyway.

Let me tell you, I enjoyed riding bus, lately its become more complicated though since passengers are being robbed left right and Centre. According to my fiance it’s bad for my blood pressure to stress as much as I do, so I just put in my earphones in and forget about the people who might be staging their next attack. It may or may not be on us.

My university was situated the other side of Town so that’s where my time was spent. As you all know I am currently doing my internship and it is situated in Town so that’s where I am at again. Then yesterday, as I got on the bus, I noticed a few students with my high school uniform.

Naturally I didn’t recognize any of them because they firstly looked really young which means they were 8th graders. Secondly, all the students who attended my High School in my final year was defnitely no longer there, last year would have been the last of them (that’s okay if there’s still a few, you’ll get there). The thought dawned on me and all my high school memories came flooding in. I thought I was smart then but in reality I had so much to learn. Another girl was on the bus who attended my school. She was one year older than me and we took bus together back in high school. Yesterday she had an interesting IG post. It read something like “I have my own class this year”. That means she is a teacher, officially. We were in school together and now she could be teaching other kids the same way we were taught.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, I’m getting old and the evidence was on the bus. As if to remind me that the busses to and from town hasn’t stopped driving when I left high school and they hadn’t stopped while I was at university and they are still there during my internship. Life doesn’t slow down for anyone and anything. We will get old and we will eventually die.

I’m gonna end this post on that depressing note. Jummuah Mubarak and have a blessed Friday hunnies❤️


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