10 YEAR CHALLENGE: A movie review

Hi everyone! Today i thought i would do a little throwback post since the #10yearchallenge has flooded social media.

Here are 5 of my favorite movies of 2008/9

  1. HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3 Takes the number one cake for this list. High school Musical was my childhood and some might say its apart of my adulthood. I was in love with everything and everyone HSM related so forgive me for having sing offs with little kids who think they know it better than me lol.images.jpg
  2. TWILIGHT was released in 2008 and since then i was a sucker for vampires and werewolves fiction. p182141_v_v8_ap.jpg
  3. TWILIGHT NEW MOON 71sayWYyaCL._RI_.jpgwas highly anticipated and extremely necessary. I have learnt that you either love TWILIGHT or you hate it. Personally, I love it! One of the movie series i could watch repeatedly and not get tired, what can i say? i’m a sucker for romance.
  4. X-MEN ORIGINS, WOLVERINE without a doubt makes this list because i love a good superhero movie and sadly we haven’t seen that in a while. I was thirteen at the time and the dreams of have superpowers were still fresh. i have grown since(i think). Also Jack Hughman, he knows his stuff!cdf70d4cea23ec5cef9953ac014c6034.jpg
  5. ONE MISSED CALL who remembers it? this horror was definitely high on my horror list radar back in 2008. The missed call jokes were relentless and sometimes frighting. I am pretty sure this was when most 90’s kids got their somewhat decent phones as technology started picking up so the hype was real.!!eBlw(gCGM_$(KGrHqMOKpIE0U64y,NrBNQ)oJdyEQ___32.jpg

Those are my top 5 movies 10 year challenge, let me know yours if you have any or of you loved/hated one of these!


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