Baby: A Review

Hey guys! Yesterday I binged watched the Netflix series Baby. The series follows Chiara a high school student with a scandalous life, a bit more scandalous than an average high school kid. The school she attends is one of the Elite schools in Rome, which is also where the series is based. She dives into a scandalous night life after she makes two new friends at school. One is a guy and the other is a girl. The guy Damiano, has issues of his own, being Arabian and living at the embassy where his dad is in charge. The girl Ludo, has a mom with divorced parents and money issues. Both do not fall under the elite category which means Chiara denies their friendship in the beginning. She likes the guy more than she cares to admit but her best friend likes him too so she suffers in silence (as normal teenagers do). Her best friend happens to be the sister of the guy she is seeing in secret. As the series progresses Chiara’s chaotic home life along with her new friend Ludo’s family money problems gets entangled and the two friends start sell their time to older men for money. The ending is the only surprise I’ll leave for you!

Happy watching!


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