Glass: A Review

Good Morning everybody!

Irrelevant fact about me, I have a soft spot for Bruce Willis. Growing up he was always the bomb in all his movies and that has not changed for me. This is why i so  badly wanted to see the movie Glass. Split was another amazing movie and i was curious to see what would happen of the Beast, Kevin and Patricia! As always Samuel L.Jackson is the ultimate villain. Unfortunately this movie was disappointing. I expected much more. It basically revolves around a guy who derails a train so the lives of two people get intertwined. He believes he creates these two people who they are with the accident and also calling himself the mastermind. One a villain and the other a hero so that they can fight one another in future. His reasoning is based on comic books and how they originate from real people with real stories. The movie ends where the therapist who works for a anti villain and hero organisation, kills off all three characters and hereby proving the mastermind’s theory of heroes being real. If you are into comic books you might enjoy this as they try to capture various moments in a comic book type setting. It was too slow and dragging for me and mind you i love a nice slow burn. Credits to the beast and all other personalities who made it interesting.

I hope you enjoyed this review and if you did watch this movie let me know what your thoughts are!




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