Questions people ask when you get engaged

Good Morning Everybody!

It is officially Friday and we can all enjoy this day knowing tomorrow is Saturday (unless you have work, then it sucks). As you all know (or now know) i am engaged. A lot has happened since then and Today i wanted to go over the questions i have been asked since i got engaged. Some normal and some downright annoying.

  1. Did you know?
    This question does not surprise me in the least and no i did not know. Overwhelmed with emotion i can see the need to know whether or not i knew he would pop the question.
  2. How did it happen?
    It happened on a picnic a day before my birthday because he thought it would take away the light of my birthday even if i beg to differ. Best gift ever 🙂
  3. When is the wedding?
    I am not sure if people traditionally set a date on the date of the engagement but this was like eek can i just celebrate today and speak wedding tomorrow?
  4. Where will you live? are  you renting or buying
    Once again, a bit annoying, i will get to it when  i get there. this just passes curiosity and in my opinion is intrusive. The ones closest to me will obviously have these details before anyone else so when less close people ask i would inwardly groan. I know a lot of people want to have their affairs in order before getting married which is okay, you have a right to your own opinion. However, asking people questions with the intention of making them feel small is not.
  5. Are you ready?
    Well, i said yes what do you think? Maybe i’m being a bit too dramatic but what do i need to be ready? A sign on my forehead?
  6. Do you want kids immediately?
    i do not mind this question because i love kids. This questions does however come with an attached statement. “Do you want kids immediately? i think you should wait a bit and enjoy your marriage”. Everyone is different. Maybe your kid is a burden to you or you have FOMO of couples without kids but that is a personal thing. Single people who love their single free life will also feel a kid is a burden which once again, is an opinion they are entitled too. I also believe everyone is different so my experience will be completely different. Do not rain on my parade with your own stigmas or anyone else’s for that matter. This one through me off because i got asked this at my friends baby shower. She had a baby right after getting married and this was her second. When someone said this to me in front of her i thought it was so disrespectful.

These are a just few of the questions i received that i found was quite common. None of these spoiled my day but it did annoy me a tad bit. What do you think of these questions? Have you got a few of your own?


2 thoughts on “Questions people ask when you get engaged

  1. Loved the article! Yes, some of those questions can be intrusive and a little annoying but I think your answers were great. We don’t have any questions but just want to say that we are happy for you! – Neek

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