Bohemian Rhapsody: A Review

I finally watched Bohemian Rhapsody and i have to admit i enjoyed it. A few people who i trust said it was good so i took their word for it. I have had to endure very boring movies because of listening to the  hype in the past so i was grateful this one did not disappoint. The movie set in the time of Queen (Queen is a British rock band formed in the 1970’s) who i knew absolutely nothing about (besides purple rain) before i watched the movie. oh, and we will rock you which i found out while watching the movie was a song by Queen! The film basically follows the struggles and successes of Freddie Mercury in his life as a musician. When the movie starts we are introduced to a very dramatic Freddie even before he was famous. He had the confidence anyone could ask for despite having people mock him for his race or looks. The only time he lacked confidence was when he found it hard to admit he was gay, which is understandable even today. When Freddie introduces himself to a band who he loves he instantly seizes the opportunity to be their singer and song writer. The band, who have lost faith and hope in themselves becomes whole when Freddie joins them. Their band then becomes known as Queen and becomes a great success in no time. As fame and fortune arises Freddie finds himself very lonely as his band mates all have families. He has a new manager whispering bad nothings into his ear and he ends up being a solo artist who drinks and parties endlessly. A few years later he realizes that his new manager doesn’t have his best interest at heart and fires him instantly. Freddie soon realizes he has nothing much to lose as he pushed all his loved ones away. He then finds his ex band to reconnect and reconcile. I might have left out an important part of this review so that you have to go and watch it. Anyone interested in Queen, Freddie Mercury, retro styles and just good old musical classics will enjoy this movie. My fiancee remained awake for the entire movie so that should tell us something!

happy watching,




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