Menstrual cycle in Islam

Yesterday i uploaded a picture onto IG stating that i miss winter and hello! Cape Town has blessed us with drizzles. Not much, but enough to cool the burn.

Hey guys! it is finally Friday and a recent monthly occurrence gave me an idea. A little while ago i read a very interesting thread on IG about women on their period. If this is making you uncomfortable then surely you have come to the right place. The thread spoke about why women are not allowed to make Salah (obligatory prayers) when they are on their period. Bare in mind this does not mean you cant pray all together because we know Allah is always listening so you may pray at anytime. However, you cannot perform the obligatory prayer on your period as you are unhygienic right? wrong! Althogh we are not exactly on at our cleanest and taking wudhu(ablution) would not work to cleanse us, The thread i read said that women who are on their period are extremely sensitive and they are in pain as well(don’t i know it). Therefore Allah has given us this lenience in a sense. Since men and other people alike might not understand you during this time, your emotions are all over the place and you might feel irrational. Allah(God) understands what you are going through and therefore you are relieved from performing your obligatory prayers. I just thought this was one of the many amazing things Allah is doing for us.

Jummuah Mubarak and happy weekend!






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