The up side: A review

This Monday morning i want to do a quick review of a really cool film i watched last week.
Can we go wrong with a Kevin Hart movie? Apparently not! The Up side was a film i wanted to watch for Breaking Bad star and then of course Kevin Hart. The trailer pulled at my heart strings as it reminded me of the book/movie, Me Before You.
The up side follows Dell(Kevin Hart), a dead beat dad who has to get signatures for his parole officer from employers as proof that he actually wants to work. He comes across Breaking Bad star acting as Philip who is interviewing candidates to be his caretaker since he is a quadriplegic. In this film Dell is the least experienced and capable for the job and that is why Phillip¬†chooses him. The two form an incredible bond and Dell slowly starts changing his life for the better with the help of his new employer. Phillip also finds himself excited about life again. Their relationship gets bumpy when Philip goes on a date for the first time as a quadriplegic. The two part ways only to come back together when Kevin Hart is informed of his ex employer’s despondent behavior. Kevin takes matters into his own hands to make Phillip happy again. Although this movie gave me pretty big Me Before you vibes the ending was thankfully very sweet. A heartwarming film filled with laughter and love!



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