A review: Alita Battle Angel

This Monday morning I present a bad ass movie review of ALITA! If you haven’t seen this movie yet then go watch the trailer. I guarantee you if you liked the trailer you will like the movie.

Who is Alita? Alita is a young girl (only over 200 years old) who comes from an advanced technological city known as Zalem centuries in the future. Alita falls into Iron city as “junk” from Zalem. A man who collects the junk which fall from Zalem into iron city finds Alita in half and gives her a body to work with. Alita wakes up with no recollection of her past. She roams the streets and soon runs into trouble which is when she finds out she can really kick ass. This brings back a bit of her memory of who she once was. Alita falls in love with a human, the rest are known as cyborgs as they have one or more parts of their bodies replaced by technology. There are competitions in iron city which promises its winner a trip to the great Zalem. However, the man who runs these championships kills the champs before they can enter Zalem. Alita soon falls in love with a human who unfortunately collects these cyborg body parts for money. He soon changes that as he too falls for Alita. Alita becomes her full self when she realizes who she was before the fall. She immediately kills off the villain second in charge of the championship and then sets her heart on winning the championship once and for all.  As the real man in charge lives in Zalem ofcourse. Alita also known as Battle Angel fights all evil she comes into contact with in iron city and soon sets her mind on fighting the master mind behind the evil which lurks in iron city. She can only fight off this mastermind when she enters Zalem, where he stays. In summary, the movie was very cute and very Bad Ass. I don’t think there’s any movie with a powerful female lead that wasn’t enjoyable. The bit of romance is always a bonus in movies like this, however I suspect by its unfinished ending there will be a part two to find out what happens when Alita wins the championship and goes to Zalem.





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