My top 3 Wattpad books review

Hi Guys, it has been a long minute since I last did a book review and I have been reading book after book after book recently. All these books are on Wattpad. Anyone familiar with Wattpad will know there is a selection of free books to read. To find a good and well written book you really have to search. The book with the most likes and views is not necessarily the best written. No judgement here since everyone starts somewhere. If you love Wattpad and are in search of some good reads here are my top 3 recommendations.

1) Forbidden Desire: for my Muslim sisters and anyone else interested in the true meaning of faith.


This book is based on a Muslim girl who gets married through an arranged marriage. Her uncle makes her marry a successful man to benefit his own company. Being an obedient Muslim girl, she follows through with the marriage not only to obey her aunt and uncle but also because of her faith in Allah (God) . She believes that some goodness will come from this marriage however it may start off. When she meets her husband to be she soon realizes he is her boss and who happens to be not so fond of her because of her religion. He doesn’t like that she is dressed modestly and always covering her head. His sister quickly informs him of what a brilliant employee she has been including all the success she has brought to the company. When they get married he is less than friendly with her and she soon accepts this. Her faith doesn’t falter through all his insults. One night she attends a ball with her husband as she is expected to attend all formal functions with her husband for appearances. At the ball she meets a handsome guy who compliments her beauty in all her modesty. Since he is a friend of her husband he sees through her façade and forces her to dance with him. She reluctantly does and soon finds it is inappropriate since he isn’t her husband, before she can do anything her husband pulls him from her. He makes quick work of beating him up and pulling her into a closet. In his rage he insults her harshly and accuses her of adultery. Her faith cracks and she asks him for a divorce. As soon as her words hits his ears he feels his heart aching. Refusing to give her a divorce in that instant he realizes how much he has come to love his wife in all her faith and modesty. Being flawed like any human he makes many mistakes along the way to finally being a better husband towards his wife.

2) Grey’s Tribute: for my werewolf lovers


This book had me messed up for a while. I have read one of the author’s books before and it had me feeling funny for long after. Unfortunately, and fortunately the book is no longer on Wattpad since it has been published. It is that good.
the book follows the lives of an Alpha and his mate who meets on a battlefield. He fought alongside her brother with his army and as a tribute he got to take his mate. Rules in the werewolf community states that if one pack helps another pack they have to receive something in return, that something usually being land. As soon as he finds out she is his mate he decides she is the tribute and a small piece of land.
He soon realizes she is beyond stubborn and she soon realizes he is a true Alpha bounded to his nature as a wild animal. Being true to her stubborn nature she doesn’t bow to his every beck and call. Being an Alpha means everyone has to submit to you by acknowledging you as an Alpha. He chains her up in wolf form outside as punishment. For over 3 months she remains in her wolf form refusing to submit to him. The pack soon praises her for her stubbornness as she is the only female to last that long without submitting. This is also the first time seeing her true strength and will power. The mate bond allows them to be connected by fate and any pain inflicted on your mate is felt by the other even before the proper mating (consummation takes place). Along the way the two become closer and realize how much the bond affects them and the importance of her acknowledgement of him as her Alpha. Soon the books takes a turn for the worst when on of the other Alphas proposes he take his daughter as a Luna instead because of her strength (Luna is the female version of Alpha but Alpha’s have power over the Luna and usually vice versa). However, she does not realize he will not discard her as Luna so when she finds out it was just a ploy for the other Alpha’s daughter to kill her father. As soon as she find out she punches him in a state of rage. Since this is done in front of the pack it is seen as great disrespect towards an Alpha and demands punishment. Regardless of being mates he chains her up and whips her in front of the entire pack to see. He promises the whips will come to an end if only she apologizes. Slowly she takes all the hits and refuses to apologize, her heart and her wolf is breaking and refusing to apologize to a so-called mate. He soon starts to beg her to stop this while continuing to punish her. She decides to make this his punishment by not apologizing as he slowly beats her to her almost death. Broken inside and outside she welcomes the darkness. Their mate bond still very strong after they soon realize their faults in their behavior towards one another. When I say this book has me messed up I mean messed up. The true nature of supernatural werewolves is beautifully described in this book and I couldn’t stop until I finished it. Once I read this author’s books I had high expectations for all werewolf stories.

3) There are many flowers in Tokyo: For my Kdrama lovers


There are many flowers in Japan follows a young Japanese women with her famous author grandmother to Japan. Although she was raised in England her heritage is in Japan. She doesn’t know much about it and with the ending of her engagement her grandmother thought it would be a welcoming change of scenery. As luck follows her she is robbed in the streets and helped by a handsome young man who chases after the guy to retrieve her purse. She soon receives a smack from a beautiful woman who feels threatened by her due to his kind gesture. She flees from the two and continues finding herself in the beautiful city of Tokyo. As fate has it her talented grandmother who’s book is being turned into a movie impacts her love life drastically when she realizes the lead actor in the movie is none other than the kind play boy man who helped her find her purse? A very innocent heart-warming book about culture, romance and family. Like I said, if you are a KDrama lover like myself, this book is definitely for you!

Hope you enjoyed this post and I promise I kept a lot of important things out so it is not a spoiler review!




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