What men want: A review

Hey lovies!

Last week sometime I watched WHAT MEN WANT. The movie was funny, smart and a little rough. The film features Taraji P Henson as its leading female actress. She gave me major “Think like a man, act like a lady” vibes but also some “empire” vibes. In this movie She plays a successful black woman who falls in love with a man not as successful as her. Sound familiar? On the other hand she is a little rough and when you watch the movie you will see what I mean by this. Of course the name is self-explanatory if you watched what women want. It is the same concept without her having to grow a beard or do anything that men do.  After a wild night out and a meeting with a psychic Taraji wakes up in hospital with the ability to read a man’s mind. At first, she freaks out but soon realizes she can use it to her advantage in her male dominated company. Like with everything and anything, too much is bad. Soon Taraji finds herself in a difficult position with her friends and her new-found lover. In the end she learns a lesson which is to not just fight to be the best but to work together while getting what she wants, without losing herself along the way. The trailer is pretty awesome and gives you a good sneak peak of what is to come. I find that with some trailers the movie is way too different and I don’t like that. So if this sounds like a film you would watch then go check out the trailer! Bare in mind this is only the female version of the original film and like any film the original will always be better in my opinion.





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