Reasons for Marriage: Marriage classes pt.3

If you happen to be in Cape Town today then you know what the weather looks like and i am totally here for it! Today id just like to touch on the topic of why we get married.
As the reasons vary from person to person the main factor remains to be the one where, by getting married you please Allah(God). How do you please Allah? You do so by getting married instead of committing Haram(sinning). This way whatever happens between you an your spouse is legal. One person might get married for wealth, another for love and another for beauty. None of these reasons are wrong as it is your right to get married to benefit from it. As long as you remember marriage is a contract and as  time goes by those things may fade. Beauty may change due to age, wealth may decrease or deplete all together since nothing in life is certain, and love, well love doesn’t mean perfect. therefore it doesn’t matter what your reasons are for getting married as long as you stick to the contract through the good and the bad. Obeying the rights of your spouse will make your marriage so much easier in the end as it is after all there for the protection of both parties.

Happy Monday! have a productive week!




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