Icy fingers meets icy lips on this Monday morning. The only positive to my Monday is the gloomy weather calling my winter soul! As i arrive at work i can only hope that u come home to a home filled with steam from the soup pot my mom always uses. One of my cherished memories as a kid is coming home from school during winter to my mom knee deep in a turtle neck and stirring the soup pot.

Today marks the first day to my 10 day count down to my wedding day. Nerves are FINALLY seeping through and i could not be more excited. I will however need a xanax and i will give my mom one too. i cant be stressed and neither can she. My fiance is already planning the quick escape from the tear fest. If you have been to a Muslim wedding before then you understand the various traditions that takes place. Rameez and I are not very fond of them and my mom takes responsibility saying “i’m sorry i never took you to many weddings”. Very very sarcastic.

During the next few days the finishing touches to our place will be finished and i can finally say i have a place of my own. The cooking, the cleaning, omg the cooking! let me google some easy to prepare dish recipes.







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