Pink promises and secrets

On this beautiful Friday morning i would like to talk a bit about secrets. i have learned the hard way that telling people, whom you trust, about your very private affairs is not always a good thing. Growing up we all heard the saying, two can keep a secret if one of them is dead. If you are like me you defnitely heard it on the theme song of Pretty Little Liars growing up.

i told myself that is not true. Right after i then told my friend of what my other friend told me, and so fourth. Basically realizing now that i am older, the saying comes from lots of experience lol. Someone had to learn the hard way to shut their mouths.
you might be wondering what i expect you to do about that, you cant possibly keep things to yourself all the time, sharing things with someone helps you feel good and sometimes you need a shoulder to lean on. I, my self have someone in my corner whom i can share everything with. Everything within reason.

When people confide in me these days i dont share those personal things with the one i am close with unless it concerns myself or him. The person confiding in me is telling me this in confidence and not expecting me to share it with the next person i trust. What happens is, people will look at one another with the knowledge of their deep dark secrets. Once they are over their issues, other people might still hold it against them or try to remind them of it. This is exactly when we realize we should never have told anyone about our secrets in the first place.

what can you do to be quiet?

Firstly, whatever happens to you, if it isn’t life threatening of course, try not to share it with the next person immediately. Give yourself a day or two to decide. I can almost guarantee you that those overwhelming feelings will have subsided and you can deal with it. However, as soon as you tell someone, they will remember it even after you try to move past it. Again, this is not everyone. Like i said, we do need that someone we can share our secrets with. A important factor is to have someone in our corner who doesnt judge us constantly. Make sure it is someone who understand sensitive information should remain private.
Try to think of the information someone shared with you and ask yourself if it is your place to share it with the next person. Is this information detrimental to the next person’s reputation? How would you feel if someone shared something so personal about you to their random friends? Once you have answered those questions i can assure you that you might not want to share their personal info any longer.
if something good happens to you or might happen, do not run around telling everyone just yet, give it time, ease into the good news and be grateful. then when you have gratefully come to accept your new blessings, you can share them with those closest to you.

in conclusion, when someone confides in you do not go running telling those closest to you because that was not the agreement when the person confided in you. Your life wont come to a halt if you do not share personal things that do not concern you. When you desperately need to speak to someone about something, give yourself a minute to think about it yourself. thereafter, once your head is clear, you can speak about it if you still want to. we live in a world where information spreads like wildfire and we should learn to appreciate ourselves enough to not share everything willingly with the world. We are way to precious to be cheaply distributed!

Jummuah Mubarak and have a lovely weekend.





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