My countdown has come to a stop and i am officially married! I have been counting down the days and the last few were the fastest to fly by. One minute i am buying trimmings for my dress and the next i am walking down the aisle(very fast). Here i am four days later, a wife. I am elated and my head is in the clouds. If anyone asks how i am feeling, that would be my answer!


On the 21st of March 2019 i became Mrs.Adonis. I had gone to bed the morning at three and woke up a little after six to my sister singing its a wedding day everyone needs to get up. Naturally my heart felt heavy, my nerves were all over the place and i was beyond excited. All the emotions were bubbling around and finally i broke out in tears. I am not sure why, there was many things not going my way but also lots of things needed to be done and i was completely aware of it ALL.


My dress needed to be resized, some of the pastries were thought to be sour, our new place needed to be readied, the crockery was short and i needed wedding shoes. I went for a drive with my aunt and cousin and it helped clear my head and lifted a weight off my shoulders as the tears dried up. I got home with my dress fixed, crockery on its way to the location, pastries that were definitely not sour and was ready to get married.

IMG_20190322_152840_210 (1)


My family and i went to the mosque to witness the nikkah(marriage). I wanted to witness the Nikkah because that is when my marriage takes place who wouldn’t want to witness that even along with the Imam or sheikh or someone learned and permissible to perform the Nikkah. There are at least four witnesses from the bride’s side along with her Wakeel also known as a delegate who is there on behalf of the female. This makes it possible for the women to not be present during the Nikkah.

Screenshot_20190322_175852 (1)

in conclusion, everything worked out as it meant to!


Zareen ❤


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