My Wedding Speech!

Ladies and Gentlemen! Hello 🙂

So my mom just sent my wedding speech in the family whatsapp group. She never heard the speech due to old age (Just kidding) lol i am sure she was too busy at the time. I am going to share it on my blog which is directly linked to my Facebook page for those who, like my mom could not hear it 🙂 I never thought about it until now but Rameez and I were extremely grateful to everyone who came and would hate to think some people did not receive a thank you.

21 March 2019

Assalaamualaykom everyone! 

Zareen has kindly asked me to read her speech because she is too nervous. She also knows that I like the attention between the two of us so I will send the message across as she intends.

I want to say shukran to everyone who came even though it was very short notice. All invitations were informal and most was with many venue changes in between. The reason for everything being done so hastily and also in formerly was because we decided very suddenly to get married much sooner than the intended date. So much preparations had to be done and we figured the people would understand because it is just a Nikah and a small supper. We kept in mind only the closest to us and each time our numbers stayed the same. We wrote our guest list and rewrote it multiple times, but it seems like the list just got longer. It took me a minute to realize how blessed we are to have so many close people to share this life changing day with.

Many of you we haven’t seen in a while but sometime along the way you have impacted our lives for the better. Whether it is your constant well wishes and dua’s to get us through our exam period or just being a good friend when we needed a shoulder to lean on. Whether it is Uncles and aunties who gave us a good lecture when we needed it or just a reminder sometime to be the better person in a challenging situation. More importantly, if you reminded us of the importance of putting Allah before anyone else as we tend to forget there is a much bigger life waiting for us once this one has ended.

I believe that our life is shaped by the people we surround ourselves with and both Rameez and I have been fortunate enough to have so many good people in ours.

One of my neighbors passed away a week ago and she was very excited to be here. No one knew her time was coming, and she seemed very happy to everyone who last spoke to her. So shukran for spending some time with us today, as time is very precious, and we often forget how valuable it is.

Another big shukran goes to everyone who has been helping with the setting up of the hall, the last-minute lending a hand to help us with our place and all the sadakka we received from our family and friends towards this day. It is very easy to forget how much people you have in your corner until help comes from all directions you never even thought of. Rameez and I are extremely grateful.

Then I want to say a big shukran to my husband’s family for welcoming me wholeheartedly into the family. By this I don’t mean it has been rainbows and sunshine, instead I got every colorful word thrown at me when needed because that is what family is about. Honesty, respect and lots of love in all forms.  Especially my now, mother, who has raised such a kind hearted son.

A very big shukran goes to my family for supporting me and treating me like a queen for as long as I can remember. I would not be here if you didn’t teach me the value of self respect. Always letting me learn from your mistakes and shooting me down when I needed it. No amount of words can explain how much it means to me. I will forever be grateful for your guidance. and I hope Rameez doesn’t mind my laziness.

At least every now and then.

Then finally Id like to say a big shukran to my Queen, my mother. You have truly been my role model. Your kindness knows no bounds and I have always received everything I needed and more despite what you were going through. I can only try to repay you for all you have done for me and even if I give my all, I know it will never be enough.  I am very pleased and once again very blessed to let you know that I have gained another mom who’s heart is as big as yours.

Once again, Shukran to everyone for coming and for all the help you have extended during this time.






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