Arrived at Graduation station

Today i became an official alumni of the University of the Western Cape! I walked the stage, got my degree and Marched right out of there after taking some mandatory pictures. The plan was to keep it simple, instead a special person got me an outfit, one i absolutely loved and then got me the sweetest grad gift and took me for lunch! In a nutshell i am bragging, please forgive me! I am exhausted so i will stop here and leave you with some OOTD pictures!






There are many people who helped make the past few years awesome and bearable but i will only name three who really helped me through it all!

To my precious mom for being my hero over the past 17 years of schooling! I never once doubted myself because of you. Of course this would not be possible without your unconditional love and support!

My darling girl Ashleigh for helping me through the toughest times over the past three years! Always letting me grow with a small yet meaningful conversation!

and finally my husband, for tutoring me constantly, encouraging me, pushing me when needed, ignoring me when needed and then finally for believing in me,
always ❤





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