HOTEL MUMBAI – A movie review

Biting nails, holding your breath and clenching your fist. This movie has to be my most favorite thus far in 2019. It was brilliant from start to finish. The only sad part to it is based on a true story. Everyone hears about 9/11 but does anyone know about the terror attack that took place in Mumbai in 2008? No, i surely didn’t know.

The movie starts off with 10 young guys sitting on a boat on that is on its way to Mumbai. The boys separate in smaller groups and catch a taxi towards their respective locations. Each group kills at random at their location. They shoot at everyone and anyone in their way. No music is needed to emphasize the horror that sight holds. Each of the guys are on the phone with their boss throughout the attack. The reasoning behind the attack is that the people from Mumbai stole the wealth from the rest of the Indians and forgot about them. Their boss gives them strict instructions to kill as many as possible since they are doing it for Allah. Inside hotel Mumbai, one of the locations on their radar, staff risks their lives for the guests of the hotel. The head chef even starts off the movie with a eye watering saying “INSIDE THIS HOTEL, GUEST IS GOD”. We are introduced to a family inside the hotel, a women, Muslim Indian women who does not identify as such and is married to a white american. They brought along with them their nanny and baby. When one of the terrorists are given instruction to kill the foreign guests who are being held captive the Muslim Indian women starts to recite the Quran from memory.  A turning point in the movie for me because the boy genuinely feels uncomfortable with the instruction to kill a Muslim women. the confusion clear on his face and anger radiating off him with the daunting task of having to kill someone who believes in the same God. As if killing all those people before her didn’t seem wrong but when he was faced with someone who clearly believes in “his” Allah he is unable to do it and walks away. One of the Waiters, who also happens to be one of the lead actors, risks his life continuously to save the guests inside. Although many lives were lost, there were also many survivors. The waiter emotionally returns to his family at the end.

The worst part of this movie having be a true story is the fact that the boss who was giving instructions over the phone remains free. Kindly check out the trailer and when you have time watch it for the sake of learning about our history.


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