After: Movie Review

Just watched After Last night and i enjoyed every moment. Hardin was cheesy as ever and Tessa as Tessa as ever. Since it was based on the sequel books by Anna Todd of course it wasn’t exactly as the book. It never is. Many parts were cut (and needed to be). I do feel like it was missing a lot of key points to the story. Many things were left unexplained like why Hardin being the “bad guy” is bad apart from the dare. A key part in the story for me was when he was constantly rude to her and in the movie it is portrayed as flirting in my opinion.

The movie After is about Tessa a smart 18 year old innocent girl who meets college with a bang when she falls in love with bad boy Hardin. I do feel like we have not seen the last of Tessa and Hardin. Also part 2 and 3 will have to make up for the lack of information in the first movie! but from a persons Point of view who hasn’t read the book it was enjoyable as a college romance movie can be. To those who were worried about the PDA and all that i think it was pretty safe and far from fifty shades!



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