It is Friday and everyone(I hope) is warm at home or on vacation!

Here in Cape Town the weather has been more than pleasant and i had the pleasure of listening to the rain drops in between pausing movies during this movie day. One thought kept going through my mind, I am a total Home body. I love being home. Even my older cousin mentioned to me that she is surprised at how content i am being at home lol. I would take a evening at home over a fancy outing or a noisy crowd any day! This is largely due to the fact that i grew up being at home often. Being content in bed with movies or friends has been a thing since forever. I remember growing up my cousin, friends and myself would have sleepovers and just stay in all day entertaining ourselves with dress up, movies and non stop eating. My husband and i had plans to watch Captain Marvel and decided against it because we were equally comfortable at home. We even got some cake from my cousin to make this Friday evening even better! Then One of my closest and oldest friends sweetly messaged me to ask how things have been since the wedding and we had a nostalgic exchange.
This Friday night browsing my feed feels quite like that and i happen to love it! I am so blessed to be where i am at this point in time. I hope you all are having a great Friday and an even better weekend. oh and Happy Easter Weekend!





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