The aging bus ride

Hi Folks! On my way home from work yesterday a wave of nostalgia hit me. I attended High School in Town and since then I didn't need reason to go to town that often. Not on my own anyway. Let me tell you, I enjoyed riding bus, lately its become more complicated though since passengers … Continue reading The aging bus ride



Good Morning everybody! it is Friday and i am feeling oddly refreshed. Only on Fridays i can be tired but completely awake(as seen in the picture above), can anyone else relate? To non-muslim people you might not have heard of the term Barakah, some Muslims may not even have heard about it. That is okay, … Continue reading BARAKAH (ABUNDANT BLESSINGS)

A Degree in the bag! and a pastors word:)

Good morning everybody, i hope this Monday is treating you well and hopefully doesn't require you to do last minute shopping! (unless you are like myself and enjoy the festive feel of shopping) Last Friday, my results were due and naturally the online uni system was not working due to the large volumes of logins. … Continue reading A Degree in the bag! and a pastors word:)

Life Update: Adulting

Hello everyone! i hope you are reading this in good health ๐Ÿ™‚ The title of this post says Life update, so true to my words here's the first update: I have been neglecting my blog. I started this blog a few years ago and i was completely invested and excited about it. Somehow and someway … Continue reading Life Update: Adulting

A Hafiz, A Gaurdian, Memorizer of the Quran

Good morning Everyone! Yesterday, the 18th of October my cousin completed her Hafiz studies. A Hafiz student is one who memorizes the Quran. I remember when she started, 5 years ago it was bittersweet. We were young and thought we knew best. As the years went by my cousin's love for the Quran increased and … Continue reading A Hafiz, A Gaurdian, Memorizer of the Quran