Farewell Ramadan

All Snug in bed right now, the way I am every morning after Fajr prayer. I cannot believe this is the very last day of Ramadan. Every year it goes by faster. Each year I learn more and realize how precious this month is and what an absolute treasure it is. Kind of like the … Continue reading Farewell Ramadan


Ramadan Diaries Day 17

And just like that half of Ramadan is long gone.. Plans and promises gone along with it. My question for myself at the end of this Ramadan would have to be "How has this Ramadan changed you?" My answer will be dull and uninteresting because my little efforts are just not good enough. Something is … Continue reading Ramadan Diaries Day 17

Ramadan 2019

Hey guys welcome back to my Ramadan diaries! Today was the first day of Ramadan which means last night was the first Taraweh (extra prayers performed during Ramadan after the last obligatory prayer of each day). Firstly, Ramadan Kareem from my family to yours! May this month be all that you hope it to be … Continue reading Ramadan 2019