A late Eid Mubarak!

Hi everyone! A little late post of my Eid day spent with my family and closest friends. Here is a picture book of my day!


Ramadan Diaries Day 2

Good evening lovely readers! Today i stayed my butt at home and did some serious relaxing. I have been doing a lot of relaxing recently, period. So today i officially prepared Iftaar for my husband and i for the very first time. It was nothing glamorous but it was pretty special. On the Menu: Dates … Continue reading Ramadan Diaries Day 2

Ramadan 2019

Hey guys welcome back to my Ramadan diaries! Today was the first day of Ramadan which means last night was the first Taraweh (extra prayers performed during Ramadan after the last obligatory prayer of each day). Firstly, Ramadan Kareem from my family to yours! May this month be all that you hope it to be … Continue reading Ramadan 2019