Sunshine Blogger Award

A lovely thing happened to me today as i was browsing my blog. Today Sultana Khan nominated me for the sunshine blogger Award.  Thank you for always reading and supporting me on my blog you are a gem! I have been following her blog for a while now and love her posts! Do check her out as … Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award


Peppermint: A review

Hi lovely people! Today we will take a look at peppermint. Let me start off by saying if you are a 90's kid, you must have seen or heard about Alias, the spy series which features Jennifer Garner. This is why her role in peppermint is only fitting. Peppermint was enjoyable because of its gripping … Continue reading Peppermint: A review

Life Update: Adulting

Hello everyone! i hope you are reading this in good health 🙂 The title of this post says Life update, so true to my words here's the first update: I have been neglecting my blog. I started this blog a few years ago and i was completely invested and excited about it. Somehow and someway … Continue reading Life Update: Adulting